Our business model

The solution for our clients' needs

Our business model provides the solutions that our clients' need adapted to their special requirements

Market features

Significant payment delays with strong differences by debtor Unpredictable payment trends (uncertainty) Administrative complexity Debtors’ specific payment procedures No official debtor’s credit recognition High indebtedness levels, affecting DSOs

What do the suppliers need?

De-risking Working capital optimization Certainty of cash-flows Improve receivables management and collections speed Reduce cost of collections, transforming fixed costs into variable ones Focus on core business Maintain good relations with debtors

Our strenght

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise and we can offer tailor-made solutions

IT Platform

- State-of-the-art IT platform developed in-house under SAP (SAP ECC 6.0) providing for efficient credit management and constant monitoring - Vertically integrated with clients and obligors

Management Team

- Highly experienced senior management team - Being part of one of the world’s largest and most innovative financial groups, our team also benefits from the insights and support of specialists all around the world

Know - how

- Long standing relationships with hospitals and other Public Administrations - Deep knowledge and understanding of the payment processes (debtor specific) - Proprietary database for accurate pricing